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From a clinical perspective, "Live a Life That Matters for God" has great value as a teaching and therapeutic tool for the soul. From a spiritual perspective it is a direct hit right to the heart of every Christian. This uplifting book will inspire you no matter what chapter you are reading. I love that you can pick up any chapter, anywhere, in any section in the book and be blessed immediately. Jack covers so many different topics that are relevant and critical to our growth as Christians, our happiness and our desire to walk closer with God. Jack's style is straight to the point and laser focused. Each chapter stands on its own as a lesson, reminder and encouragement for Christians to Live A Life That Matters for God. Jack doesn't just tell you to do it, he shows you how!

You can read most chapters in 2 minutes or less so it's easy to dive in anytime and grab some spiritual truth. If you are hurting, hoping, praying, questioning, wondering or just in need of answers or encouragement, "Live A Life That Matters for God" is a life tool for you that you can use over and over again to remind you of God's great truths and purpose for you life. It will bless you tremendously.

PDF Live a Life That Matters

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