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Jack Alan Levine
Because Your Life Matters.
Need Help with an Addicted Loved One? 
No temptation has overtaken you except what is common to mankind. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can endure it.
1 Corinthians 10:13
Jack’s life-changing, educational online video program, Free For Life At Last, will teach you how to overcome any addiction. Click below for more details.



You can select to receive a 4 DVD Disc Set or access the Online Program NOW.

This educational program is groundbreaking and breakthrough. It was designed for addicts and family members, to give them the tools, information and guidance necessary to take immediate steps to overcome any addiction issue including drugs, alcohol and gambling. In this 9 1/2 hour, life-changing DVD program you will receive the following:

Module 1: My Story of Overcoming Addiction. 

You’ll meet your mentor, your guide, your confidante and counselor, Jack Alan Levine. Jack will be with you for the entire four weeks of the program. Whether you are struggling with an addiction, or you are the friend or family member of someone in that situation, Jack speaks directly to you. In the first video of Module 1, you will hear the compelling and inspiring story of Jack’s own addiction in which he details his personal struggles and his success of overcoming his own addiction. Jack has been drug free for over 18 years.  In video two of Module 1, you get to hear about phase two of Jack’s experiences with addiction, as he shares the heart-wrenching story of the addiction of his family members and friends. You’ll learn what a parent goes through, step-by-step as Jack reveals everything in this life-changing Module.

Module 2: Why Addicts think and behave like they do. 

In module 2, Jack takes you on a fascinating journey into the addict’s mind to see what causes the behavior of the addict. In this module, he speaks to those struggling with addiction as well as the friends, loved ones and family members of addicts. You’ll learn all of the most recent theories on the causes of addiction. Jack unifies and clarifies these addiction theories, and dispels the myths of addiction. Through his sharp, no-nonsense and excuse-free approaches, Jack helps us eliminate the hiding places of our own defenses and denial about our addiction. He dissects the thinking that often keeps the addict and often-family members entrapped inside the web of addiction. Jack shows us how to rework the addiction-bound, stuck thinking, refusal for change into baby steps of progress by renewing how the addict thinks and what he or she thinks about themselves. You’ll see that Jack’s approach gives us the no-fool-around, step-by-step, “wake-up call” we need to jolt us in moving from making the “change in thinking” to the shift in action needed to alter the behavioral course of the addict for life.



Module 3: The Effects of The Addict on the Family. 

At its worst, addiction is like a rampant runaway train, as the addiction replaces the person you are, or the person you know, into a person who constantly acts out in one or more of the following ways, uses drugs, gambles, use pornography, engaging in risky sexual behavior, uncontrollable shopping, etc. and the addict cannot stop the behavior. The addiction has now taken control and the addict's life is now overcome by destructive behavior. From an outside perspective the behavior looks like insanity because the addict cannot stop the destructive behavior and continues to ruin their lives. In this Module, Jack shows the addict and the family/friends of the addict how to deal, not only with the external behavior, but also with the loss of self, the emotional bankruptcy, as well as the physical addiction and what to do about it all.

Module 4: Paths to Recovery. 

In module 4, Jack covers everything the addict needs to get onto the road to recovery in five critical videos. From theories on “hitting the bottom,” to determining the where in your journey that you, or a loved one has hit bottom. Jack covers detox, therapy, rehab, and other less conventional treatments, how they work and how to use them all to your advantage. Jack discusses how to detox without discomfort, withdrawals, or nightmare physical symptoms for all kinds of drug and alcohol addictions. Jack shares hundreds of power tips, lifestyle keys and new ways of thinking to help you or your loved one get on the path to recovery and stay on the pathway of freedom for the rest of your life. This Module will change your life experience forever.



If you are unhappy for any reason, you can receive a full refund anytime in the first four (4) weeks. No questions asked.

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Free For Life:  Online Addiction Program

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