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Jack Alan Levine

Pieces Still Good

Nationally known Author, Speaker & Addiction Expert is a 11-time author
and sought after national speaker to companies, colleges, religious groups and other organizations.
Over the last 30 years he has helped encourage and inspire thousands of people to live happier and more meaningful lives.
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His writings emanate from questions like Who am I? and What is the purpose of life? as well as the suffering, pain, realizations, romantic breakups, and uncertainty regarding the course of his future. Jack's intense feelings are reflected in his poetry. Although not all of it was pleasant and he is embarrassed by some of these writings, Jack publishes them all, unedited, leaving nothing out, so you truly walk with him through this phase of his life.


There was torment, confusion, frustration, dissatisfaction, fear, and greed, along with a host of other feelings... And then a transition to a better way of life; a life filled with peace, joy, hope, happiness, mercy, love, and kindness. Jack's goal is to inspire his readers, make them think, and most importantly serve as an example. 

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