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Jack Alan Levine
Because Your Life Matters.
Understanding this about Addiction!
We must understand that addiction does not discriminate. It will attack anyone. It cuts across all boundaries of people: geographic, demographic, psycho-graphic, economic, social, financial, etc. It affects corporate executives, housewives, students, athletes, coaches, teachers, bus drivers, etc. Addiction does not discriminate, but as an addict who has found freedom from addiction and the father of an addict son who has found freedom, I can tell you there is hope, if you are willing to go down a path of recovery.

Listen, we all know that the cold or flu virus also does not discriminate. It doesn’t attack us based on our social standing
or a bank account or where we live; it attacks anywhere it can. Addiction is exactly the same.


I am teaching you proven success skills and methods that will work if you are willing to apply them. My definition of a cure
means I am no longer obsessed with my addiction. I am focusing on things in life that bring me happiness not sadness.

The question becomes: What will you focus on in your life? Will you focus on the things that will bring you happiness, joy and success? And, who will determine what you focus on? Will it be your addiction that is determined to suck the life, the joy, the
passion and your purpose right out of you, leaving you a mere shell of yourself, depressed, angry, upset, frustrated and believing
that the only place you can find comfort is deep in the throes of that addiction? What a horrific lie! Or, will it be your inner soul, your spirit, the true you who yearns to be the person God created you to be: a person filled with passion and purpose and excitement and love for life who is living each day to the fullest, making the most of the moments and squeezing all of the excitement and joy and pleasure that life has in store for you.

  1. Make the choice today to focus on the things that will bring you happiness, joy and success.

  2. Make the choice today to not allow addiction to steal your life any longer.

  3. Make the choice today. Take action toward recovery from your addiction.

Understand this:  Addiction does not discriminate.

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