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Jack Alan Levine

Time Gone

Nationally known Author, Speaker & Addiction Expert is a 11-time author
and sought after national speaker to companies, colleges, religious groups and other organizations.
Over the last 30 years he has helped encourage and inspire thousands of people to live happier and more meaningful lives.
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"I wholeheartedly recommend Jack Alan Levine's new book TIME GONE. It will enrich and inspire you to get the most out of every area and aspect of your life. TIME GONE will teach you how to live the best life you could possibly can, and insure you discover how to get the most out of life and at the same time learn to give of yourself where it matters most. TIME GONE wild ignite you, encourage you, equip you, engage you, accelerate you and propel you spiritually, emotionally, physically and professionally"

Peter Lowe

President and Founder

Peter Lowe International

Get Motivate, Success Seminars

"TIME GONE is like having the keys to the universe as it answers questions and shows you how to live. This stuff you won't learn in college, but is probably more valuable. Jack offers refreshing guidance, encouragement and life lessons with amazing clarity and wisdom. Words to live by! Jacks observations and wisdom will make your life easier and better… that's a guarantee!"

                                                                      Dr. James L Davis


                                                                     World Leaders Group, Inc.

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