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Don't Blow It With God!

Jack Alan Levine
Nationally known Author, Speaker & Addiction Expert is a 11-time author
and sought after national speaker to companies, colleges, religious groups and other organizations.
Over the last 30 years he has helped encourage and inspire thousands of people to live happier and more meaningful lives.
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Companion Workbook Available

If there is any being you don’t want to blow it with, it certainly is our God, and Jack shows you the way, even if you THINK you have blown it!


   I have learned that the most important spiritual principle to a life filled with enrichment, is living by and acting upon what I refer to as life’s great “Tap Moments.” I see how God has “tapped” Jack to deliver the word of God with the ability to relate to each of us on how to live an abundant Christian lifestyle each day, and experience true joy, peace and prosperity.


  When writing my first spiritual bestseller, “The Tap,” I was inspired by the biblical passage from Luke 12:48 “from those to whom much is entrusted, much will be expected.” Jack certainly lives by this most important life mantra.   Wealth is found in the responsible stewardship as I’m blessed daily by the smiling faces and completed villages in Haiti built through our Caring House Project Foundation ( Jack has dedicated his life, from a successful Madison Avenue executive and television production company owner, to acting on God’s “Tap,” calling on his heart to use a similar spiritual practice on this test of endurance for the ultimate prize, our soul. When you read this book, you’ll notice something different right away, and that’s because Jack Alan Levine is having a conversation with YOU rather than simply ‘writing at you.’ If you met Jack tomorrow, you’d know him by the sound of his voice in the pages to come. 

He’s real. He’s direct. He’s loving. And his writing style doesn’t try to sound

holier-than-thou because Jack doesn’t live that way. Christians often point

out that God meets people when they are experiencing challenging

circumstances in life, and Jack’s words do the same thing; they meet you

right where you are. Whether you’re a seeker, believer or a season saint,

Jack Alan Levine proves by living God’s Great Commandments and Great

Commission that there is great hope in using this roadmap to the ultimate

life. I know you will thoroughly enjoy “Don’t Blow It with God!”


Be sure to share these wonderful insights with your family and friends too. ​

5-Time Bestselling Author

"Jack’s unique style of communicating God’s plan for an abundant life is a must read for all Christians. This book knocks it out of the park. Jack not only talks-the-talk but he walks the walk. If you’ve been striking out and want your life to be the perfect game for God then you need to read this book. Great stories, real talk, and real life applications that create a road map to a successful life and relationship with God."


MLB Pitcher

It will challenge your faith, stimulate you to grow closer to Christ and help you to rethink your Christian priorities. The book is a fast read that is filled with great stories and insights from Jack’s life which brings this work to reality. We heartily recommend this book. Go out and get a copy now; Don’t Blow It!


Founders: Oasis Compassion Agency

In golf as in life, bogeys happen. Every golfer makes them as does every person in life. To be successful on the golf course, you must have a plan in order before you start your round to prepare for the inevitable trouble that will come your way. Jack has written a tremendous book that will help every person as they venture through life. “Don’t Blow It with God” is a “hole in one” reading experience!


PGA Professional/Founder, Caddy For A Cure

Jack Levine allows us to peek into a very powerful and personal journey with God. God takes Jack from the “fast track” to the “faith track” as he learns the lessons one can only discover seeking God in the spiritual “waiting room” of life. A great read, especially for someone feeling a little stuck or stagnant on the pathway to God’s best.”


Senior Pastor, Church By The Glades

Lights, Camera, Action! Don’t Blow It with God is your blueprint for Christian living. What a great gift from Jack, a jet-setting Madison Avenue executive and successful television production owner. He grew up Jewish then battled the demons of drugs and life’s temptations, and now has peace and happiness for YOU and everyone that reads this dynamic book.


Development Director, Radio/TV Host, “The Road Show” and  “The Good Sports Magazine Show,” GraceFM Radio 90.3FM Board Member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA),  DeVos-Blum Family YMCA and Match Point Ministries.

In tennis, there are two ways to learn something, by trial and error or being coached on how to obtain the most successful result. Jack Levine is serving up aces using his life’s experiences and spiritually tough life coaching that will save you years of mistakes and wasted time. “Don’t Blow It with God” shares (coaches) with you in a fun and encouraging way.


Tennis Professional/Author of Serious Tennis & Spiritually Tough Tennis
DVD Founder/President of Match Point Ministries, Inc.

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