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Jack Alan Levine

"Give to the poor, and thou shall have the Treasures in Heaven"

​The Voice of God Ministry was founded in l993

to help in the name of Jesus Christ, those who are suffering and cannot find help anywhere else.  Providing physical financial and spiritual assistance to those in need throughout the United States, the Voice of God Ministry has established itself as a “go to” source for many individuals and ministries in great need.


Through media outlets including newspaper, radio and television the Ministry has advertised and promoted its ability to help those in need.  Its television program “The Greatest Gift“ has aired nationally and featured interviews and stories of people the Ministry has helped.  

The Voice of God Ministries mission is to provide physical, financial and spiritual assistance to people in need, and to spreading the message of the Bible and God's love. 

Voice of God Ministry gifts are never paid to recipients directly, to help eliminate the possibility of abuse, but rather always paid to the supplier of goods and services.  Thus the Voice of God Ministry deals with many vendors and suppliers as it distributes its gifts to needy individuals.  Whether it's paying rent, providing medical help, dental help, repairing a car, fixing a house, providing clothing for children too poor to afford anything decent, eye glasses for those who can’t afford them, paying for job training skills, or tools to perform a job, the Voice of God Ministry responds to people in need throughout the country.

Emphasizing that all our gifts to recipients are gifts God is giving them.  We also provide scriptural and biblical encouragement, this confirms that God loves them and has acted on their behalf.  With absolutely no conditions upon the receipt of the gift the Ministry has inspired many to share in the faith and belief of Jesus Christ and has provided hope and encouragement and inspiration to people across the country.
As well as providing Bibles, prayer and meeting many physical and spiritual needs the ministry has distributed funds to those in need since l993.

Voice Of God in the News
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