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Jack Alan Levine

Where The Rubber Meets The Road

Nationally known Author, Speaker & Addiction Expert is a 11-time author
and sought after national speaker to companies, colleges, religious groups and other organizations.
Over the last 30 years he has helped encourage and inspire thousands of people to live happier and more meaningful lives.
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 I believe that living an abundant Christian life for God and getting God’s full blessings is something every Christian can achieve. Each one of us should desire to do whatever it takes to insure that happens, just like every athlete trains hard to insure he plays his best. That’s why I love Jack’s book. 


It’s down and dirty; it gets right to Where the Rubber Meets the Road with God. It forces you to look at what God wants of you in order to insure you will hear “Well done good and faithful servant, come and share your Master’s happiness.” It makes you look to yourself to see if you are willing to do it. 


In my motivational books, I’ve often encouraged you to dream big dreams and build a strong foundation on which to build your dreams. I believe Jack’s book provides the final piece to the puzzle for any Christian not 100% certain what they will hear from God when they get to heaven. Chapter by chapter it will teach, motivate, inspire and encourage you to be certain you will receive the prize God has in store for you. Jack exposes himself and leaves no stone unturned, as God opens up Jack for spiritual surgery. In each chapter we see God cutting away at Jack’s worldly faith and replacing it with spiritual faith. As you see Jack faced with the choices of the world or the choices of God, I am sure you will see the parallels to your own life. 

Don’t miss out on God’s best for your life. It’s not too late, no matter how old you are or where you are in your life. Remember in life, as in sports and business, success is not measured at the beginning but rather the end. 


This book is for Christians who are serious about God. The truths are blunt, direct and accurate. Let me say it nicely... read it and you’ll have nowhere to hide! Jack is a businessman turned preacher; he is a bottom line guy who knows what it takes to get the job done. 


I have 19 kids, 14 of them adopted from four foreign countries. For one incredible year, 16 of my children were teenagers at the same time, so I know a little about perseverance and God’s grace. I have managed professional sports franchises and am a motivational speaker to some of America’s top businessmen, so I know a little about pressure and performance. 

I’ve written over 65 books so I know a little about how words can impact people’s lives. I see people everywhere trying to make certain they are doing it right with God. But, could it be you are still not certain, still not sure you are living the life God desires of you? Read this book with anticipation and excitement and you can be sure your Christian life will be a success by God’s standards. His are the only ones that matter.

Jack and I share the same desire. We both desperately want you to succeed in life

and live the joyful abundant Christian life. Jack wrote this book because he wants

every Christian believer to get the full reward God has in store for them. I believe

you’ll want to be where he is... certain that when you get to heaven you will hear

“well done good and faithful servant.” 


Pat Williams

Author, Motivational Speaker and  the NBA’s Orlando Magic General Manager

“A knock out punch for Jesus if there ever was one! Jack Alan Levine’s book is the Heavyweight Champion of the World when it comes to Christians walking a life of faith with God. Let Jack be your coach, teaching you as God taught him every step of the way, so you can knock out Satan and be champion of your life. Read it and you can make certain you will wear the champion’s crown of life for Christ.” 


 3 time Lightweight Champion of the World


“Another must read from Jack Levine. I truly look forward to reading this book several times over as I did his previous book, Don’t Blow It with GOD, which sits by my bed stand. Jack captures your attention with real-life examples and useful advice, melding sports analogies with scripture, to strengthen your relationship with Jesus Christ. As Jack will tell you, it’s never too late to bring God into your life, however, you MUST stay in the game and finish strong!”


Professional football player, New York Jets

“This book will be an immense blessing to all who endeavor to traverse life’s journey with Jack. His ability to communicate authentically is truly a gift. You will gain valuable insight as Jack interprets his experiences through the filter of God’s Word. The Biblical idea of God working all things for good to those that love Him and are called according to His purpose is unmistakably displayed on the stage of Jack’s life. I have known him for many years and can genuinely say that there is never a dull moment with Jack Levine! If you don’t want to be challenged, this is definitely not the book for you; however, if you’re willing to take an honest assessment of yourself with a potential for growth then you need to read Where the Rubber Meets the Road with God.”


 Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church, Boca Raton, Florida

“Jack’s book is awesome, spiritually speaking it ROCKS! I am recommending the book to our senior leadership as ‘must reading!’ I believe every Christian needs to be sure they will hear “well done good and faithful servant.” Jack’s done an outstanding service to Christian believers with this book. It takes what we sometimes see as being so complicated; figuring out how God wants us to live, and makes it so simple. The TRUTH in this book smacks you right between the eyes! I feel it’s a wake up call for every sleeping or daydreaming Christian... to make sure they are ready to live the life God desires for them. Jack did his job writing this fantastic book, now believers everywhere need to read it and let God’s spirit speak to them and work in their hearts through it. I know that’s what happened to me when I read it, and I’m certain it will happen to you!”


Executive Pastor, Next Community Church, Orlando, Florida

Jack goes deeper then ever with this book. I still can’t believe how God took this Jewish advertising executive and drug-using hotshot TV producer and turned him into such an on fire Christian and mighty man of valor for God’s kingdom. This book brought me to a deeper understanding of God and his love for me, and has resulted in my walking even closer with God. What a blessing! Required reading for every Christian believer who wants a closer walk with God. 


Development Director, Radio/TV Host, “The Road Show” and  “The Good Sports Magazine Show,” GraceFM Radio 90.3FM Board Member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA),  DeVos-Blum Family YMCA and Match Point Ministries.

“I have coached football for over 50 years and I know the importance of a playbook and proper execution in order to be a winner. Jack’s book gives you the plays as ordered by God Himself  to insure we are winners for Christ. Motivational, spiritual and full of guidance and wisdom necessary to encourage, teach and discipline each of us to perform at a level that will guarantee our lives are victorious for Jesus.

Like football the Christian life is all about sacrifice and teamwork, that’s what equals success and championships. Jack’s book offers the key to victory for every Christian looking to “go deep“ for God.

Get it! Read it! Study it! and then  live it…the winning life for Christ.”


Legendary Pro Football and College Coach

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