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Jack Alan Levine

      Jack worked for some of the top advertising agencies on Madison Avenue including NW Ayer and Bozell & Jacobs, on some of the largest accounts in the country (AT&T, US Army and Dupont). Jack was also the founder of ADCLUB and was featured in ADWEEK and AD AGE Magazines and in advertising legends Whit Hobbs book What I love About Advertising.  He started his own Ad Agency in l985, then founded and managed a successful television production company in South Florida. For over a decade he served as Executive Producer on hundreds of national television shows and thousands of commercials. He sold that business in 2002 to devote more time and effort to entrepreneurial activities, ministry and philanthropy.


      Jack continues to use his business skills and entrepreneurial gifts to own and build companies. Today his companies are involved in Solar Energy, Media, Specialty Food Distribution, Publishing, Real Estate and Advertising/Marketing/Sales consulting. Jack remains a sought after Business advisor to many companies, executives and business owners.


He is the Founding Director of Voice of God Ministry, a 23 year old 501c-3 non-profit, and also served for years on the Board of Directors at Oasis Compassion Agency and Changed Lives Church.  A licensed minister since 2006, he served as Director of Men’s Ministry for 12 years at Boca Glades Baptist Church in Boca Raton. Currently, Jack serves as Executive Pastor at Purpose Church Orlando in Winter Garden and on the Board of Advisors of the  Now Matters More Foundation.


       He is an accomplished author with nine books to his credit, Don’t Blow It With God, Where the Rubber Meets The Road With God, Live a Life That Matters for God, Downloading God, My Addict Your Addict, The Motivated Life, Success Blast, Time Gone and Pieces Still Good. 

     Since 1998 Jack has been preaching as a guest speaker to tens of thousands of people at a variety of churches throughout Florida. He also speaks at men's conferences including Iron Sharpens Iron, Igniting Men, Florida Men of Integrity and StrongMan Conferences leading sessions on a variety of life-changing topics including “How to Eliminate Stress and Worry,” “Overcoming Addiction” and “Finding God’s Purpose For Your Life.” Jack recently developed a breakthrough online video program for people struggling with addiction and their families to help them understand and overcome addiction called Free For Life At Last.


     Jack’s unique perspective on life is based on his Jewish heritage, business experience and personal difficulties he went through while living life in the fast lane before he was saved at 33 years old. Jack recently moved to Central Florida and is happily married with three children.


"Jack loves to inspire people by
sharing his knowledge, wisdom and life experiences!"

Download the PROMISES OF GOD   


God has made many more promises than these in His word. These are just some that are near and dear to my own heart and I repeat to myself on a daily basis to remind me just how much God loves me and how great His promises are. Feel free to add your own to this list and personalize it as you read and study God’s Word and the spirit moves you. To God Be The Glory!

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