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Jack Alan Levine
Nationally known Author, Speaker & Addiction Expert is a 9-time author
and sought after national speaker to companies, colleges, religious groups and other organizations.
Over the last 30 years he has helped encourage and inspire thousands of people to live happier and more meaningful lives.
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Downloading God" is the file of information that today's generation needs to click on more than ever. Jack Levine's authentic and transparent self-disclosure rings through in his passionate devotion to his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. His simple, straightforward, trademark writing style as in his previous books allows the reader to easily absorb, appropriate and apply the word and truth of God in a realistic, revolutionary and redemptive way. 'Downloading God' has short chapters all themed around a clever computer technology motif which makes the timeless truths of God both real and relevant to contemporary culture.


Each year we like to send a holiday letter to our friends and loved ones looking back at the past year and looking forward to the coming one. These letters are extremely personal but also extremely universal. Though written at holiday time, the observations I share are a true reflection of life all year long. In them I share my struggles, joys and thoughts, which like yours, change from year to year and I'm sure mirror many of the same things you go through.


I've left some personal things in here to give you a sense of who I am - a regular person like you with all the normal victories, defeats, happiness, sadness, joy and pain that we all share. Each letter contains reflections, lessons learned, wisdom and insight that God laid on my heart that particular year. I believe these will help you with your life and have great value to you. In these annual holiday letters I ask people to stop, take stock of where they were at, and consider how they were going to move forward. I hope that by sharing these letters with you it will cause you to do the same.


From a clinical perspective, "Live a Life That Matters for God" has great value as a teaching and therapeutic tool for the soul. From a spiritual perspective it is a direct hit right to the heart of every Christian. This uplifting book will inspire you no matter what chapter you are reading. I love that you can pick up any chapter, anywhere, in any section in the book and be blessed immediately. Jack covers so many different topics that are relevant and critical to our growth as Christians, our happiness and our desire to walk closer with God. Jack's style is straight to the point and laser focused. Each chapter stands on its own as a lesson, reminder and encouragement for Christians to Live A Life That Matters for God. Jack doesn't just tell you to do it, he shows you how! 

You can read most chapters in 2 minutes or less so it's easy to dive in anytime and grab some spiritual truth. If you are hurting, hoping, praying, questioning, wondering or just in need of answers or encouragement, "Live A Life That Matters for God" is a life tool for you that you can use over and over again to remind you of God's great truths and purpose for your life. It will bless you tremendously.


This book is about addiction. Author Jack Levine has counseled thousands of people over the years who have gone through addiction, and knows what a torturous life it can be to be caught up in it. It’s an awful thing. 

He's experienced addiction in his own life and as a parent, as he watched his son struggle with addiction for years (it started when he was 18). 

Whether you are in the throes of addiction yourself or seeing a loved one suffer through it, this book can help you. Jack has results and solutions for real-life situations. Each person’s situation is different, but the root is the same for everybody. Through his own story, he can tell you what the choices are, the impacts of those choices, the results of those choices, and what sacrifices you’ll have to make to get where you want to be.

Companion Workbook Available


In "Don't Blow It With God", Jack Levine reveals his road map to discovering God's blueprint for living the ultimate Christian life each and every day. Come along for the ride as God teaches Jack life-changing lessons that will help you in your life journey. Share his hard knocks and chaotic passage from the "fast-track" of a drug fueled Madison Avenue rise to success to the "faith-track." Jack discovers how to live an abundant Christian life experiencing true joy, peace and happiness and along the way you will discover the formula and the insights about how you can too.

"Jack's unique style of communicating God's plan for an abundant life is a must read for all Christians. This book knocks it out of the park. Jack not only talks the talk but he walks the walk. If you've been striking out and want your life to be the perfect game for God then you need to read this book. Great stories, real talk and real life applications that create a road map to a successful life and relationship with God".   CHRIS HAMMOND Major League Baseball pitcher

Companion Workbook Available


"A knock out punch for Jesus if there ever was one. Jack Alan Levine's book is the heavyweight champion of the world when it comes to Christians walking a life of faith with God. Read it and make certain you will wear the champion's crown of life for Christ." 

Nate "Galaxy Warrior" Campbell 3x world lightweight Champion of the World 

"Jack's ability to communicate authentically is truly a gift. You will gain valuable insight as Jack interprets his experiences through the filter of God's word. You need to read Where the Rubber Meets the Road With God." 

Rob Taylor Senior Pastor,

First Baptist Church, Boca Raton, Florida


His writings emanate from questions like Who am I? and What is the purpose of life? as well as the suffering, pain, realizations, romantic breakups, and uncertainty regarding the course of his future. Jack's intense feelings are reflected in his poetry. Although not all of it was pleasant and he is embarrassed by some of these writings, Jack publishes them all, unedited, leaving nothing out, so you truly walk with him through this phase of his life.


There was torment, confusion, frustration, dissatisfaction, fear, and greed, along with a host of other feelings... And then a transition to a better way of life- a life filled with peace, joy, hope, happiness, mercy, love, and kindness. Jack's goal is to inspire his readers, make them think, and most importantly serve as an example. 


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