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Are you living up to God's purpose for your life?

Many Christians know they are going to heaven when they die as a result of having Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. But so many are living anxious and frustrated concerned and worried. 

Living in doubt and fear that they are missing God's plan and purpose for their life.

Wondering what does God want me to do?  What am I supposed to do for the kingdom of God? And Satan is using this as a tool to condemn the Christian and separate them from the love, joy and happiness that God desires all to experience. 

Remember God said "I've come that you have life abundant and life eternal". 

Live A Life That Matters For God lays out clearly God's purpose and plan for your life. You will never have to wonder again what does God want me to do. In short one in two-page chapters, I will show you clearly and succinctly God's purpose and plan for your life. As you read God's word and my insights and real examples will speak to your heart and encourage you gives you confidence and excitement that yes there is a plan for your life and you can absolutely know what it is and live it out every single day!

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"Desiring to have a closer relationship with God but don't know what that looks like or how to do it? ""Envious of others who seem to have peace and joy and blessing of the lord?"

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