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Author Jack Alan Levine has put together an all-encompassing, never-before-seen compilation of addiction recovery opinions, ideas, and principles based on the real-life experience of addiction professionals and experts. The book details what has worked and what hasn't, providing all the information you need to make intelligent decisions regarding your personal struggle or a loved one's struggle with addiction and, more importantly, with recovery. The chapter authors did not discuss their chapters with each other prior to writing, but spoke only from their own point of view. Yet many similar themes on addiction and recovery appear throughout the book. There are priceless truths, undeniable wisdom, and many great insights and ideas in these pages that will last for generations and impact the world for recovery for decades to come. 
You can read any chapter you want in any order you want. When you look at the table of contents, start with the chapter that appeals most to you. Definitely read the whole book, but it does not matter the order in which you read the chapters. Addiction has haunted, destroyed, and ruined the futures, hopes, dreams, and lives of too many individuals and their families. The authors believe that together can break that chain and we've given you the tools to begin do so in this book. Book contributors include Raymond Alvarez, Graham Barrett, Dr. Adam Bianchini, Dr. Karl Benzio, Keith Brooks, Joe Bryan, Lui Delgado, Philip Dvorak, Dr. KJ Foster, Dr. Anthony Foster, Dr. David Jenkins, Jack Alan Levine, Douglas Lidwell, Pasco Manzo, Craig Nichols, Trinity Phillips, Dr. Jared Pingleton, Kerry Roesser, and Anonymous (Mike W. and Alice H).

eBook Addiction & Recovery Handbook

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