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From Addicts:
"Jack saved my life."
"He explained it to me like nobody ever has."
"He was the first person in my life to ask me if I wanted help."
"He had faith in me even when I didn't have faith in myself."
"It was as if he could see inside my soul."
"Jack is real... he's been there... he's done it. He knows what it takes."
"I met Jack in l999. He taught me a lot and helped me and my family a great deal."
"I feel like I have purpose in my life today and I owe it all to Jack."
"Jack Levine really cares about people."
"As a recovering addict himself, he can reach people who are otherwise unreachable."
"Jack was able to cut through the denial of addiction."

From Parents:
"You taught me how to live again."
"You took my guilt away."
"As a parent he could relate first hand to my pain and desperation."

From Professionals:
"Jack knows from his own experience the pain and misery that addiction creates in both the addict and the entire family unit. His new program is a great resource in helping people to overcome their addiction."
- Rehab Center executive

"Jack's impact on our team was significant and immediate. The passion he brings persuades people to react and change immediately. Great results!"
- Willie Romeo, Former Burger King Marketing Director

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