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Four-time author Jack Alan Levine takes his readers on a journey of poetic reality through one of the most intense decades of his life. It was a time fueled with uncertainty, growth, drug addiction, heartache, and searching. His writings emanate from questions like Who am I? and What is the purpose of life? as well as the suffering, pain, realizations, romantic breakups, and uncertainty regarding the course of his future. Jack's intense feelings are reflected in his poetry. Although not all of it was pleasant and he is embarrassed by some of these writings, Jack publishes them all, unedited, leaving nothing out, so you truly walk with him through this phase of his life. There was torment,torture, confusion, frustration, dissatisfaction, fear, and greed, along with a host of other feelings... And then a transition to a better way of life- a life filled with peace, joy, hope, happiness, mercy, love, and kindness. Jack's goal is to inspire his readers, make them think, and most importantly serve as an example. A lot of people look at Jack now and say, "Jack is the happiest guy I know!" But it wasn't always that way. This decade marked a period of great transition in his life and now you can journey back and see firsthand some of Jack's growth...or lack of it! One thing is certain, you get to see inside Jack. Jack is a four-time author and sought-after national speaker. A licensed minister since 1993, Jack's motivational, life-changing messages have impacted thousands throughout the years. Jack is Founder/Director of the non-profit Voice of God Ministry. He worked for some of the top advertising agencies on Madison Avenue and flourished as a businessman/entrepreneur. In 2002, he sold his TV production business to pursue full-time ministry and philanthropy. His first book, the immensely popular Don't Blow It With God, was published in 2010 and brought the national spot light to Jack's writing and preaching. In 2011, Jack released Where the Rubber Meets the Road With God and in 2014 My Addict Your Addict, which detailed Jack's battle and victory over drug addiction. He also created the Free For Life: Overcoming Addiction online video program to help people struggling with addiction of all kinds. Also in2014, Jack wrote Live A Life That Matters For God, now being used around the world as a daily devotional.

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