Jack Alan Levine

Jack has spoken to thousands of people over the last 20+ years on dealing with and successfully overcoming addiction to find Freedom for Life. Sharing his personal story and experiences with his own addiction and recovery as well as sharing the heartbreaking tale of family members and friends battle with addiction, Jack knows first hand about being an addict and being a parent. He also knows personally how to have victory over addiction and to live a life FREE from addiction.


Success Blast: Released Oct 2018!

Author Jack Alan Levine brings you to
the forefront of success, motivation and inspiration with his easy to read new book Success Blast. Designed to teach you how
to Succeed, Triumph, Thrive and Sky Rocket
to Career and Business Success. 

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Download & Listen to over
60 of Jacks Messages


  • Start your dream business!

  • Live the life you always imagined

  • Overcome any type of addiction for life

  • Motivate and Inspire your staff and employees

  • Dramatically increase sales and profits in your business!

  • Map out your personal game plan to the greatest life ever!

  • By speaking at your Business Conference, Sales Meetings, Church Service, Men's Ministry Events, 
    Overcoming Addiction Seminar and other Special Events!

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Jack Alan Levine

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