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Jack Alan Levine

Business Consulting | Coaching

"Motivational" - "Inspiring" - "Captivating" - "Impactful"
Jack Gets Results!

"Motivational" - "Inspiring" - "Captivating" - "Impactful"
Jack Gets Results!

Jack can help your business in many ways!

Jack Alan Levine offers business coaching, training and mentoring dedicated to helping individuals, teams and 
organizations achieve their goals.  Improve your People, Sales, Performance and your Bottom Line!

Jack will guide you through complex issues! Improve your People, Sales, Performance and your Bottom Line!


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Business Analysis

Business Consulting


"Jacks impact on our management team was significant and immediate.  The passion he brings is getting people to react and change immediately. Great results!"


Willie Romeo

Director of Operations,  Burger King Corporation




"Jack offers guidance, encouragement and life lessons with amazing clarity and wisdom, that's a guarantee!"


Dr. James L. Davis

President, World Leaders Group, Inc.




 "Jack has consistently stood out as a communicator. His passion, compassion and grasp of success with regard to business is unsurpassed. I highly recommend him and his resources if you want a winning outcome."


Rev. Dennis DeMarois

Executive Director, Florida Men of Integrity



"Jack shares his wisdom, knowledge and expertise, learned and accumulated over decades it will enrich and inspire you to get the most out of every area and aspect of your life. Jack will bless you spiritually, emotionally, physically and professionally." 


Peter Lowe

President and Founder, Peter Lowe international


      Jack worked for some of the top advertising agencies on Madison Avenue including NW Ayer and Bozell & Jacobs on some of the largest accounts in the country (AT&T, U.S. Army and Dupont). Jack was also founder

of ADCLUB and was featured in ADWEEK and AD AGE Magazines and in advertising legends

Whit Hobbs book “What I love About Advertising”.  He started his own Ad Agency in l985 and

then founded and managed a successful television production company in South Florida.

For over a decade he served as Executive Producer on hundreds of national television shows

and thousands of commercials.  He sold that business in 2002 and Jack continues to use his

business skills and entrepreneurial gifts to own and build companies. Today his companies

are involved in Renewable Energy, Media, Specialty Food Distribution, Publishing, Real Estate

and Advertising/Marketing/Sales consulting. Jack remains a sought after Business advisor

to many companies, executives and business owners.

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