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Jack Alan Levine

Jack can help your business in many ways!

Jack will analyze your business, its operations, marketing strategies, profitability, employees and give you a review of strength and weaknesses as well as suggestions on where you can improve and expand your business and your profitability and show you areas you should consider cutting or eliminating. People said Jack has “magic eyes” when it comes to evaluating and analyzing businesses opportunities, corporate organizational structure, and performance

Business Consulting

Performance Review

Jack’s objective analysis of your organization and staff may lead to some startling, eye-opening conclusions, observations, and insights the that you may have missed being a little too close to the subject matter and unable to be objective yourself. What a laser-like a process and attitude and surgeon like precision Jack cut right to the bottom line on what is happening and how to make it better!.

Why spend all that time, effort, planning, money, and work to get to the wrong place! That doesn’t make sense. Jack analyzes and review goals and lets you know where you are on target or off target and usually make suggestions that you never considered that can result in increased profits, productivity and performance for you and your company.

Goal Review

This is what it’s all about! Creating, implementing and carrying on the legacy of a brand. Building block upon block so that money you spend this year compounds annually and continually by impacting the world and future generations for years to come. That’s not done in a slipshod shotgun manner but rather done in a rifle like, laser manner, where focus on every step of the marketing, advertising, sales and business process is related and tied in to brand building. Goals are established, objectives are set, missions are outlined, staff is assigned and goals are accomplished.


Jack is constantly amazed at the waste and inefficiency he sees in many corporate structures, although there are some who have it right. It’s done with guidance, adjustment and tweaking that only comes from an outside, objective source. Jack will keenly and quickly evaluate your corporate structure and make suggestions that can save you lots of dollars and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of every aspect of your organization

Corporate Structure

Nothing worse than having the wrong tool for the job. It makes the job much harder to do, takes longer and sometimes makes it impossible to accomplish. As well there’s nothing worse than a staff  not properly instructed and without the tools and training to do their job. Jack reviews employee structure and training with a focus on better results, to make sure that your business efficiency, effectiveness and profits are maximized.

Employee Structure
Growth Potential

Called a business savant, Jack has the ability to see areas of growth that other people never even imagined, including crossover marketing, new areas of product sales, research and development, potential mergers and acquisitions, and other ideas and suggestions that will blow your mind regarding growth potential of your existing business. We’ve yet to meet one client who hasn’t been blown away and impressed by the suggestions and possibilities Jack has presented after analyzing their business. Not all have implemented his suggestions, some are content to remain where they are, but all have had their eyes opened and it benefited tremendously from his insight.