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Jack Alan Levine

Jack can help your business in many ways!

Business Analysis

Since his early days on Madison Avenue as the founder of ADCLUB, Jack has been involved in motivating co-workers, friends, employees, managers and business people to reach their peak performance potential in life and in business. A nationally sought-after speaker, he frequently speaks at conferences and corporate events. Jack is also a six-time author and is generally credited with being one of the most positive people alive, yet he knows that positivity alone is not the key to motivating people. It’s understanding what makes people tick, what motivates them and how to inspire and encourage and equip them to be the best they possibly can, that gets the job done.

Negotiating Strategy

Jack has negotiated business purchase/sale agreements, partnership agreements, partnership breakups, employment contracts, real estate purchases, vendor contracts, employee compensation packages, and virtually any situation were negotiating skills can save you money and get you a better deal. He has helped many companies and individuals improve their situation tremendously through the art, technique, strategy and expertise of negotiation

Jack has successfully trained sales and marketing people for over three decades. His sales techniques and training techniques get to the very core of a person’s being and get them to analyze their weaknesses and strengths, make the appropriate changes and focus on the desired goal. Equating it to the first time he stood under a waterfall in Jamaica and believing it would be impossible to walk to the top of that waterfall, yet following the guide’s expert instructions, 20 minutes later he was at the head of the waterfall peak. He was able to accomplish quickly what he thought was impossible.

Sales Training

Whether motivating a softball team, a salesforce or an executive board to come together and function as a unit to achieve a common goal. Jack learned early on in sports, business and life that sometimes you had to talk to people in different ways to get them to think the same. Developing techniques over years Jack’s unique, exciting and unforgettable teambuilding events will be an experience your organization and its individuals will never forget and will inspire and motivate them to new levels of success for the rest of their lives

Team Building

Stop right there! With years of Madison Avenue and advertising experience Jack’s expertise is in marketing analysis. Able to quickly and keenly analyze what the organization is doing, point out what is effective and explain why and where changes should be made and what the result will be. Jack did this daily and for decades for his many clients in advertising and television production where he worked with some of the largest companies in the world. Brand analysis, strategic analysis, marketing analysis, but most importantly establishing strategies and campaigns that would deliver results were at the core of his success.

Marketing Analysis

Jack’s work at some of the largest ad agencies in the country on some of the biggest accounts qualifies him as an expert in advertising. His degree from the SI Newhouse School of Public Communications was in advertising and Jack went on to a successful advertising career that took him to Madison Avenue and later saw him open up his own television production company. Jack lives, talks and breathes advertising, to this day he is watching and critiquing commercials and setting up strategic campaigns, goals and implementing success strategies for his clients. Jack’s connections in the advertising and entertainment world are legendary, but more importantly is his keen eye and sense of what the marketplace wants and what will communicate to them. This type of knowledge that you can’t be taught,  you have to be born with.

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