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Matan Durant: Gallerie Durant

Who Is Matan Durant

Abstract painter Matan Durant is known as “The Outlaw Painter” because his work and imagination knows no boundaries.


Durant has been influenced by great painters including Picasso, Monet, Manet, Peter Maxx and Banksy. His paintings are inspired by the variety of experiences from the crossroads of his life as he declares that “love is the brightest color of all!”


From living in the country, a simple life where farmers are neighbors and relatives, to experiencing the big city lights, Matan has traveled a unique and varied road during his life. Quoted as saying his art is motivated and created only to get people to think and to inspire and encourage people that all things are possible both in our imagination and in our reality!


Matan believes great artworks are things such as poetry, spaceships and a wonderful dessert made with secret ingredients, as all are an expression of the genuineness and creativeness of man. Little is known about Matan’s upbringing, and his legend is deepened by his refusal to share intimate details of his personal life, family and friends. Matan maintains “we are all family”. Considered a recluse as a young man, yet a popular artist, Matan's life is as contradictory and mysterious as his artwork. Beloved by many, seen by some, admired by all.


It is rumored that as a little boy Matan came upon a fireman painting a portrait of a burning building while in his full firefighter uniform. Puzzled, Matan questioned the extraordinarily strange man. “Why are you doing this?” Matan asked and the man responded” because I have to”. From that day Matan desired to paint and express himself with a passion that burns and blazes from his canvas to the eyes and then into the heart and soul of his followers. Also nicknamed “The Unpredictable Flame” Matan has been quoted as saying “even I do not know what I will do next”.


His burning desire to see all people express themselves fully, completely and freely, is reflected most personally in his paintings as his powerful light and imagination continually shines through his artwork.


Matan cites as influences on his mind and life a radical sphere of individuals such as George Washington Carver, Woody Guthrie, Mother Teresa, Sigmund Freud, Albert Einstein, Edgar Alan Poe, Jimi Hendrix and a slew of others whose pursuit of their passion in their lives Matan called “the greatest form of art there is”. Matan’s philosophy is reflected in his quote “Living is art. Life is art! Art is beauty, Art is living. Art is life, Art speaks, it breathes, it thinks and it talks!”  

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